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  • 103-Year-Old Has Lived a Life in Service to Others

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“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” — from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This quote by William Shakespeare is a perfect description of Cinda Pedigo, a sweet and spirited 103-year-old Hosparus Green River patient in Hardyville, Ky. She was admitted in July 2015.

Cinda is very appreciative of her Hosparus team, which includes nurse Deborah Stiles, social worker Krissy Smothers, CNA Melissa Harkness, chaplain Wesley Paul and nurse practitioner Leah Riggs.

“They do for me, and they come and see me,” Cinda said. “I don’t have to get out.” “She is a joy to take care of and always has a smile,” said Stiles. “She has a spitfire attitude that we all love.”

Joyce Pedigo is Cinda’s granddaugh- ter-in-law who cares for Cinda during the day. She said Cinda is the happiest when she is busy with her hands. She raised eight children and held many jobs and roles within the family and community. She loved to cook until she got sick, but last year was able to help Joyce can food from the garden.

Cinda loves God and her family, and her only regret is that she didn’t take more vacations to spend with her loved ones. She is making the most of her time with them now.

“It is great to see her feeling better and enjoying her time with her family,” said Riggs. “I am very blessed to be able to take care of her.”

Cinda was raised during the Great Depression and is happy to share her life experiences with others, Smothers said. Her diverse background includes working on a farm, owning her own restaurant, working in a nursing home and serving as a midwife.

“She led a life of service to others,” said Smothers.

After those many years of caring for others, Cinda now deserves the best care for herself, and that’s why the family called Hosparus.

Joyce Pedigo is very pleased with the tender care her grandmother – in – law is receiving. Hospice has proven to be the best option for Cinda, as it has kept her out of the hospital. “The staff is on call anytime, day or night, and they are always available to answer questions,” Joyce added.

“The care has allowed her to live longer and enjoy her time, and it gives her what she needs,” Joyce said. “Cinda enjoys the socialization and looks forward to when the Hosparus staff visits, as she loves the attention.”

It’s obvious that Cinda led a very full life. The staff loves this little lady and is so grateful she is willing to share her history, experiences and life lessons.