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  • Couple Shares Why People Should Call Hosparus Health Sooner

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Brent and Brandy Thompson are pretty clear about how they feel about Hosparus Green River. The two want everyone to call the non-profit hospice organization sooner.

Brent, a radio executive at WLVC/WHVE and community board member at Hosparus, says, “Even if you’re not sure if it’s time, call and get information about hospice care. The sooner you call, the more we can help.”

Brandy, a nurse, joined the organization after her experience as a home health nurse referring patients to Hosparus. “I saw the excellent care my patients received and knew I wanted to provide that type of nursing care myself.”

She adds, “Hospice nursing is about more than the medications. It’s about really getting to know your patients at a critical intimate for them and their families.  You can bring such comfort and peace of mind to those who in need.”

Along with her duties at Hosparus, Brandy teaches nursing at Campbellsville University and says many of her students ask about hospice care and she is happy to educate them about what it means to her to be a Hosparus nurse. “It makes you a better person because you have such a heart for your patients.”

For his part, Brent says “his eyes were opened” when he and Brandy went to visit a friend to let her know about services offered by Hosparus. “Before that, I thought hospice care was for the last few days of life – now I understand the benefit of accessing this type of care earlier.”    

It’s time to call Hosparus when you or your loved one experiences:

  • An increase in pain, nausea, breathing distress or other symptoms.
  • Repeated hospitalizations or trips to the emergency room.
  • Failure to “bounce back” after medical setbacks occur.
  • Decrease in function requiring assistance for walking, eating, bathing, dressing and/or going to the bathroom.
  • Decrease in alertness – patient is emotionally withdrawn, sleeping more or having increased difficulty with comprehension.
  • Significant decrease in appetite and weight loss.

Anyone with a six-month life expectancy may be eligible for hospice care. Hosparus provides professional care and support when patients, families and loved ones are ready to learn about end-of-life planning or access any of the services we offer. Hosparus cares for patients with any life-limiting illness, including end-stage heart and lung diseases, dementia, cancer and Lou Gehrig’s disease, among many others.

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