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I’m Passionate About Nursing and Providing the Best Care Possible.

Many think of hospice care as comforting people; of tending to their needs during a sacred stage of life.

But hospice care is also a highly skilled medical discipline, with rigorous standards and demands for top-quality nursing; nursing as skilled as any you’d find in a hospital or other clinical setting.

As Community Director and Manager for Hosparus Health, my team and I constantly work to improve the care we offer today, while developing the practical medical and clinical skills the future of hospice care demands. Besides teaching our staff, we are always doing case studies, strengthening competencies, and making sure we use the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices and strategies for our patients.

This May, I’ll earn my Master of Science in Nursing from Indiana University Southeast. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this level of knowledge … knowledge I share every day with my patients, their families, my staff, and our organization … without the gifts of Hosparus Health donors. In my case, the Scholarship Fund founded by Al and Mary Jo Burke.

 “We’re often asked how we do this kind of work. to me, I feel like we are blessed to do it, to care for these families at their time of need. to me, it’s an honor to be there for someone and their family. It’s our calling and our goal.”

~Jessica Konkler

The Al and Mary Jo Burke Education Scholarship has been an amazing opportunity. As a working mother of four boys, the financial help has been such a blessing. I’m so thankful for it, and I encourage all my teammates to go back and utilize this resource to further their education.

I’ve been passionate about nursing my whole life, starting my career in Labor and Delivery before discovering end-of-life care as my calling. In fact, my Master’s thesis is about nursing education and end-of-life care. Unfortunately, few nursing schools teach this in their curriculum, which leaves a huge gap in a place where there’s an enormous need.

My ability to expand medical knowledge regarding end-of-life care is an example of how gifts like the Burke Scholarship can not only improve Hosparus Health care, but hospice care for everyone.

I am so grateful for donors like the Burkes, and others in the community … people committed to helping us not only care for our patients at this sacred time of life, but care for them in an exceptional way while continuing to learn.

Jessica Konkler, RN, BSN, MSN (May 2022)
Community Director, Hosparus Health




If you would like to make a gift to one of our many funds, including education and support for our employees, contact our development department at 502-719-4117.




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