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  • Employee Spotlight: Regina Taylor

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Regina Taylor, RN-BSN
Team Nurse, Southeast Louisville

Regina Taylor has been with the Hosparus Health Southeast Louisville community for 9 years. “As a team nurse, I care for a certain caseload of patients and families. I help them to understand disease processes and progression, and manage their medications and symptoms. In addition, I am also an end-of-life educator, an active listener, supporter and advocate,” says Regina. A coworker shared, “what makes Regina a wonderful nurse is the way she listens to and educates those she cares for. She earns their trust by meeting them where they are and respecting where they are. She is genuine, consistent and compassionate.”

When asked why she chose to work for Hosparus Health, Regina responded with a very heartfelt answer: “When I was younger my grandmother was dying of cancer and I helped take care of her. When she passed away, I knew I wanted to become a nurse and work in end of life care. I remember the feeling of not knowing if I was doing everything I could for her. We had hospice, and having someone who knew what to expect made the process so much easier and comforting not only for my grandmother, but myself also. I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of our patients and families’ journey.”

“Regina is a wonderful nurse who advocates for her patients to give them the best quality of life. She goes above and beyond to lend a helping hand to her team and those around her. We are very blessed to have her on the Southeast team.”
Shelley Hamilton, Clinical Supervisor

Regina doesn’t feel that there is such a thing as a typical day at Hosparus Health. “A patients’ condition can change at any moment. I always plan visits on certain days but if a patient is in crisis or has an immediate need I try to get to them as soon as possible and that will change my whole day.” On her days away from work Regina enjoys spending time with family, watching her oldest daughter Shelby performing in plays and the school choir, and her youngest daughter Haley cheering for sports at school. She also enjoys doing crafts, such as making t-shirts and wreaths.


Favorite dessert?
Red Velvet Cake

If I could learn to do anything, it would be:
Play the violin. I’ve always wanted to just never found the time to do it.

Most interesting thing I have done:
I have jumped out of an airplane. It was a lot of fun, not sure I would do it now.

Favorite show you are currently watching on Netflix/Amazon/Cable?
“You” and “Good Girls”

To honor a caregiver such as this one, or a team of caregivers who’ve touched your life at Hosparus Health, recognize them as a Shining Star here.

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