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I sometimes feel that I wear out my staff and business associates talking about the importance of protecting our mission-driven culture. But in reality, that is what we are all about as a non-profit hospice organization. As the Dame Cicely Saunders quote begins “You matter because you are you.” That means we care for each patient as if he or she is the most important person in the room – because they are.

I’m thrilled to say most Hosparus team members live the mission whether at work or out in the community. They treat each and every person they meet with respect and caring. The letter below was submitted to our website this week and is a great example of one of our staff living the mission. It said:
“I don’t need any information but I wanted to share a story about one of your nurses. My daughter is in Bowling Green, KY at the Medical Center with a child in the hospital. On Saturday 11/12/16, my daughter was in the cafeteria buying her lunch and happened to be 86 cents short. A hospice nurse was in line behind her and told my daughter that she had 86 cents and paid the cashier. They ended up waiting for the elevator together and talking.

“My daughter is not someone people approach. She is covered in tattoos … and multiple piercings. She is very suspicious of people and doesn’t normally connect with people. She said the nurse treated her like everybody else, and she found herself opening up to her. My daughter told her that she was from out of town but her daughter was in the hospital so she is stuck in a town where she doesn’t know anyone.

“She told me that she asked the nurse why she was being so nice to her. The nurse asked what she meant, and my daughter said, ‘Well people usually ignore me because of how I look.’ She said the nurse laughed and told her that she treated people the way she would want her family to be treated. They parted ways and the nurse wished her luck.
“Less than an hour later, a hospital employee brought my daughter a gift bag with snacks, magazines and gift cards to Kroger and Subway. There was a card in the bag that was unsigned but said, ‘I know being in the hospital is tough, but I hope this can take a little of your burden away.’ My daughter asked who had left the bag, and she was told that a Hosparus nurse left it. She asked if he knew the nurse’s name, and he said he did. He told my daughter the nurse’s name was Rhoda Webb Filback, and she had actually worked at the hospital for a long time before leaving to work for Hosparus. I wanted you to know what a genuinely kind person you have working for your company. She showed genuine kindness to an absolute stranger and went out of her way to help my daughter without being asked. You don’t often find that these days.”

I thank the anonymous letter writer for sharing this story about Rhoda. And I thank Rhoda and the other Hosparus staff members for helping us live our mission at work every day.

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