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Telehealth technology

Imagine your 90-year-old mother is seriously ill and doesn’t have much time left. That sounds agonizing enough, right? Now imagine you live out of state. You are unable to travel, and even if you could make the journey, you wouldn’t be allowed to see her due to COVID-19 restrictions.

That’s the gut-wrenching situation daughter Sara faced earlier this year. But thanks to Hosparus Health’s telehealth technology, TapCloud, Sara was able to see her mom’s lovely face, share memories, read and sing to her, and say goodbye.

Making a Virtual Connection

Sara’s mom, Nell, had dealt with a series of health problems in recent years. When she developed an infection that could not be cured, the nursing facility where she lived suggested the family call Hosparus Health to help manage her pain and make her as comfortable as possible during her final weeks.

While she knew her mom was being well cared for, it was still heartbreaking for Sara not to be able to visit, especially as it became clear Nell was actively dying. That’s when Hosparus Health nurse Kristi jumped in.

“Using TapCloud video visit technology, I was able to connect with Sara and the nursing home,” says Kristi. “A staff member took their phone into Nell’s room so everyone could see each other. We did this for three mornings. On the last morning, Nell couldn’t speak but her eyes were wide as she watched her daughter talk about childhood memories, and tell her how much she loved and appreciated her.”

A Peaceful Ending

Sara says her mom was a kind and soft-spoken Christian woman who loved her family, and their last visit together was the best ending she could have asked for under the circumstances.

As Sara sang Nell’s favorite gospel songs, Nell “started mouthing like she was trying to sing along,” Sara says. “It still gives me chills. It was a priceless experience for me to be able to see her, and just to talk with her, and to know that I made her happy at the end by singing those hymns.”

“She was able to tell her mother it was OK to go be with Jesus and family members who had gone before,” says Kristi. Everyone on the video call was crying. About six hours later, Nell passed away peacefully.

“I am so grateful to Nell and Sara for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful experience.” Kristi says. “We made the best of a bad situation.”

“I’m keeping that last visit in my head and my heart. It was so wonderful,” Sara says. “The technology is fabulous, and Hosparus Health is just a blessing — a gift from God is what they are.”

For all of us at Hosparus Health, being able to support wonderful families like this, especially during such isolating and challenging times, is the true blessing!

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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