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  • Grief Support Group – Loss of Spouse or Partner

  • Grief Counseling

Hosparus Health Central Kentucky- GCC
Loss of Spouse or Partner

Grief Support Groups are ongoing and new members may join at any session. These groups meet regularly, usually one to two times per month, and offer members an opportunity to talk with and gain support and encouragement from others who are working through their grief. Members are invited to share about current challenges they are facing in their grief and discuss ideas for healthy coping.

Pre-registration is required for those attending the group for the first time. The facilitator will call you prior to the group.

Time & Dates:
2:00 – 3:15 p.m. ET
1st and 3rd Tuesday each month

There is no fee.

Hosparus Health Central Kentucky
105 Diecks Drive 42701

For more information, call 502-456-5451 or 888-345-8197.