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  • Greensburg Couple Celebrate 50th Anniversary with the Help of Hosparus Health

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Nelson and Judy Posey celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in style on January 14th with a surprise party thrown by their church and children, but that might not have been possible without Hosparus Health of Green River. Judy says she is convinced that Nelson wouldn’t have been able to celebrate this milestone “if Hosparus Health hadn’t come in.”

Nelson and Judy were each diagnosed with lung cancer within a year of each other. While Judy is now in remission, Nelson had been in and out of the hospital for months before his doctor recommended Hosparus Health last year. At the time, though, Nelson wasn’t ready.

When we sat down to talk with him earlier this spring, he told us he’d heard all the myths about hospice care, such as that it’s only for the last two weeks of life, and it “would kill him.” He and Judy soon came to realize Hosparus Health offers just the opposite. “They are life savers,” she says. Hosparus Health care allowed Nelson the highest possible quality of life in his final months. He passed away in May.

Just two weeks after his admission to Hosparus Health in September, Nelson let us know he was feeling better than he had in 10 years, and could even go outside without being short of breath. Hosparus Health provided Nelson with the full scope of hospice services, including medication, medical equipment and a team made up of a physician, nurse, CNA, social worker, volunteer, and chaplain. This comprehensive approach to his care allowed Nelson to stay out of the hospital and enjoy special moments with his family he might otherwise have missed.

In fact, Nelson told us back in the spring that one of his goals was to go to church one more time, and Hosparus Health helped him to do that. He made it clear at the time that, “I’m not going to give up, and I plan on enjoying the time I have left.”

And enjoy it, he did. Nelson liked to “laugh and have fun” with all of the Hosparus Health team, which he and Judy considered to be like family.

His CNA, Stacy Matney, loved his sense of humor and always enjoyed her visits with him. His nurse, Larissa Marr, agreed. She says the Poseys were always very welcoming, with plenty of smiles for all who come into their home. Larissa adds that, in his final months, “Nelson was a totally different person than when he came into our care” — much happier and full of life. He especially enjoyed his time with the couple’s three sons and three grandchildren.

Thanks to the wonderful care Nelson received, Judy is making it her mission to tell others about Hosparus Health.

“Hosparus is the most beneficial organization that I have ever been involved with,” she says. “Hosparus is always available and there for whatever you need, and they tell you what to do to make things better. I would encourage everyone to listen to what Hosparus has to say.”

The Posey family was very grateful for Hosparus Health, and we are thankful to have been part of their journey.