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I have folks ask me if I like my job. They say they could not do it.

Let me tell you about how we Hosparus Health nurses feel.

You know death is not easy to accept. This applies to those dying and to all those who remain.

We, Hosparus Health nurses, see this and that is some of why we do what we do. Labor and delivery nurses watch the magic of birth. We, as hospice nurse, watch the transition to heaven.

You ask “How can you do this?” Isn’t it depressing?” Yes, it can be, but the difference we make in the life and death of one person makes up for it. To see a person riddled with cancer go peacefully is our goal and it happens. To see the person with lung disease pass not struggling for air is a blessing. It is a blessing to us that we contributed to this.

Do we get “cold” to it and the death does not affect us. Far from it. We become close to the patient and the family. We grieve when they are gone along with the family but ours is perhaps different. Bonds are created that linger.

Death does not discriminate about age. I personally have lost a baby, teen and young adult and elder persons from 60 to 98. But I know we did our all to grant to this person and family a “peaceful passing”.

We, as Hosparus Health nurses, are a proud bunch. We love what we do and we support one another on those especially trying times.

I love my job and feel that it is with God’s strength that we make a difference.

We are Hosparus Health nurses and proud of our role in this world.

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