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customer support nurse, 24/7

When we say ‘call us 24/7’ at Hosparus Health, we mean it. Our main phone number is a primary resource to help you with anything: general service questions, health concerns, a referral, and even who to call when you have no idea where to start. Who answers on the other line? Customer support nurses and staff with exceptional training for all situations and questions. Customer support nurses are LPNs or RNs, many with additional certifications, and are prepared to assist in medical situations and/or relay them to a patient’s interdisciplinary care team.

Two things I frequently hear from patients and families in my role as a customer support nurse is, “I hate to be a bother,” or “he/she had a really bad night last night.” Every time I hear these statements, I think back to my first experience with hospice.

My husband’s grandmother was in hospice care and I was just starting nursing school. I stayed overnight with her, and she woke up with a bad nosebleed– I had no idea what to do! In a panic, I called my mother-in-law who had to drive over. Turns out, it was an easy fix. At the time, I had no idea I could have called hospice in the middle of the night and have a nurse talk me through it over the phone.

As both a customer support nurse and previous family caregiver myself, trust me when I say we really want you to call us. It’s not necessary to sit at home and worry if you are making the right decision or doing the right thing. Hosparus Health has a team of nurses standing by to answer the phone day or night when you need something.

Here is what you can expect when you call us:

  1. A quick answer. We strive to answer you as quickly as possible so we can address your needs. When calling, we understand you are probably not in a situation where sitting on hold is ideal.
  2. Assessment of the situation and need. We want to determine the situation or need; whether easing a pain symptom, a supply request, a visit request, or just talking things over and hearing reassurance that you are doing everything you can.
  3. Assuring patient comfort. Patient comfort is important, so we may have to ask several questions or make a few phone calls in order to assure their comfort. We strive to maintain or achieve the patient’s goal level of comfort.
  4. Assistance in providing care. We want you to be comfortable in providing care to your loved one. There is no such thing as a “stupid question.” If you don’t understand our instruction or the purpose of the care, please ask us for clarification. The goal is that you are comfortable when you hang up the phone.

So, next time you need help with a patient in a non-emergent situation or have a question about our services, reach out to us, any time, any day. We are here for you at every stage.

-Jessica Ward, Customer Support Nurse

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