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Grief Counseling

We’re with you every step of the way.

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⚠ Due to the COVID-19 virus, grief counseling groups are either held virtually via telehealth or in-person with guidelines until further notice. Please view our grief counseling schedule below, or call 502-456-5451.

Grieving is as much a part of our lives as living and dying. Many of us, however, won’t seek help following a devastating loss. Hosparus Health is so committed to grief counseling that we offer services at no cost for up to 13 months after the death of a loved one previously in our care. This includes pre-death counseling for anticipated deaths. Grief counseling is also available for anyone in the community, regardless of a previous engagement with Hosparus Health.

Led by licensed professionals, sessions meet monthly or twice monthly, and can be individual, family, or group.

Let us help you start healing.

If you or a loved one are ready to speak with a grief counselor, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 502-456-5451 or 888-345-8197, or send us a message by selecting ‘Contact Us.’ You can also see what your community is sharing and find comfort in online discussions with others experiencing similar situations by visiting our Discussion Board.

What you can expect with grief counseling services.

We offer both individual and group services for adults, children, and teens, as well as extended family and friends. Once you contact us for counseling services, a counselor will call you to discuss the best option for your current needs.

Grief counseling services are provided at no cost to families of hospice patients prior to and up to 13 months following a death. For the community, our services are provided to anyone grieving a loss due to death. Thanks to generous support through grants, foundations and individual donors, fees for counseling services are determined by sliding scale (based on income) and can include financial assistance for those unable to pay, and there are no fees for support groups.

These organizations and many others support our
Grief Counseling programs:

WHAS and Kosair

Once you contact us for individual or family counseling services, a counselor will call you to discuss the best option for your current needs.

Your counselor will learn more about your story and about your grief symptoms during your initial sessions. Both you and your counselor will find ways to help you cope with your grief to move through your grief process. The number of sessions will vary and will be determined by both you and your counselor as you work together.

Loss of spouse or partner

An peer-centered, ongoing support group for adults grieving the loss of a spouse, partner, or significant other.

Loss of parent or surrogate parent

A peer-centered, ongoing support group for adults grieving the loss of a parent or parent surrogate.

Grieving adult

An ongoing, peer-centered support group for adults grieving the loss of an adult including sibling, friend or other.

Loss of an Adult Child

An ongoing, peer-centered support group for those grieving the loss of an adult child.

Young Adult Parent Loss

An ongoing, peer-centered support group for young adults (age 18-35) grieving the loss of a parent or parent-surrogate.


Pathway – Resilience – Insight – Solace – Membership

An LGBTQ+ Bereavement Support Group

This is an ongoing peer-centered loss support group for those in the LGBTQ+ community who are grieving a loss due to death including the death of a partner/spouse, parent, sibling or other significant relationship. The group is facilitated by licensed counselors.

Grief Relief Workshop

The Grief Relief Workshop is a six-week education and support group, held in six one-hour sessions at the school. Endorsed by school districts throughout the Hosparus Health service area, the program is a critical component of healthy child development. Thanks to our generous donors, Hosparus Health is able to provide grief-relief groups in schools at no charge.

Camp Evergreen Family Grief Camp

Camp Evergreen 2021 has been cancelled due to the increase in COVID-19 Delta variant cases. As always, should you have any bereavement needs, we are here to help. Please call our main office at 502-456-5451 for assistance.

Rooted in Hope

A family-centered program for children (ages 6-18) and their parent(s)/guardian(s) who are grieving a loss.  Rooted in Hope is an 8-session program that is offered in the spring and fall of the year and meets the first and third Monday of the month.

Please contact the Grief Counseling Center for additional information or to join this offering.

Annual Remembrance Ceremonies

Our annual remembrance ceremonies take place in each community we serve and serve as a moment for you, your family, and friends to celebrate and remember Hosparus Health patients who have died from the previous year. These events take place in November and December each year.

Hope & Healing Event

This annual event is to remember and celebrate the lives of people who died by homicide, suicide, line of duty, overdose or accident. Hope and Healing promotes a space of healing with readings, music and messages honoring and celebrating the lives of those being remembered. Speakers will share how they have coped, continued moving forward and found hope after experiencing sudden and tragic loss. The event also features activities, art, music, and more.

Hosparus Health’s Grief Counseling Center has been a cornerstone for our organization that sets us apart from other organizations and elevates the quality of care for the patients and families we serve. View our impact on the community and staff this last year with our grief counseling annual report.

Find comfort in others.

Read stories of courage, hope, and healing from those who have been there.

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