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Kourageous Kids

Kourageous Kids are remarkable kids.

man with child on his shoulders walking around

When a child is stricken with illness, it’s nothing less than heartbreaking. But often these remarkable and courageous kids find a way to fill our hearts with inspiration from their bravery, their compassion for others, the love they spread with every smile, and the hope they sow. Now is the time for you and your child to make the most of every day, and for us to help deliver more moments.

How we’ll help.

In our Kourageous Kids program, our goal is to keep your child comfortable and free of pain. We also provide counseling and spiritual support for everyone in the family, and 24-hour access to a nurse, chaplain, or social worker. Our health care staff will help you feel confident in caring for your child, create more memories with opportunities, like our sponsored trips to the Louisville Zoo, the theater, baseball games, fishing trips, or parties.

Palliative Care Program

This program provides care based on collaboration with the Kourageous Kids team and a child’s doctor or medical team. Children in this program continue to seek curative treatment.

Hospice Care Program

This program provides symptom management / pain control and care for a child who is expected to live six months or less if the disease runs its normal course. A doctor’s order is needed for admission to this program.  Children in this program continue to seek curative treatment.

We’ll work to ensure you can pay.

Kourageous Kids accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and many forms of private insurance. Fee for services is based on a sliding fee scale according to a family’s ability to pay. Thanks to donations, the Hosparus Health Kourageous Kids program cares for children with life-limiting illness regardless of their families’ ability to pay for services.

A special kind of compassion.

courageous kid holding onto teddy bear

All programs accept referrals 24 hours a day. Doctors may also refer to us directly. We understand how difficult this phone call can be, but when you’re ready call us toll-free at 800-264-0521.

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