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Our Inpatient Care Center (the HICC), located in downtown Louisville, is what appears to be just any other hospital building on the outside. But when you arrive on the 6th floor you don’t enter the familiar hustle and bustle as with other floors in a hospital; instead, you are welcomed with a warm appearance, muted sounds, and the company of compassionate clinical teams.

The HICC is available to those patients who need a higher level of care during their end-of-life journey. Although it is not their home, we still aim to make it as comfortable as possible. The floor is furnished differently and has amenities that aren’t considered the norm; one example of these homey furnishings is the art that adorns the walls in the hallways and rooms.

Recently this art was refreshed with the photography of a local financial planner, Adam Coop. Coop is the Director of Financial Planning & Insurance, and Founding Partner of Lifetime Wealth Strategies, he is also a passionate photographer in his spare time. He specializes in taking photos of nature, and his donation of the idyllic images is exactly what the HICC needed to complete its redesign.

Adam Coop was introduced to Hosparus Health by our former co-CEO Cathy Zion, who is a long-time family friend. She was working on the HICC project and suggested his photography to add to the space. Although he has no personal hospice story of his own, Adam was familiar with our mission and the great work we do thanks to the clients that he has helped. “I’m always amazed at how long you help people at this time in their life, everyone I have worked with that mentions you, has had great experiences of their own,” he said.

Coop was honored to bring his photos to the HICC and put much thought into what he chose for the project, “I wanted photos that brought a sense of calmness and peacefulness, but also a few with bright, vivid colors, and some that featured scenes in nature with meaning to them, such as water.” He said his hope was to bring these feelings to the unit, while also hopefully reminding the patients and their families of a moment when they personally experienced a similar scene. “The images I chose were more general in terms of location, so the person viewing them could relate to the location and remember a place maybe they once visited or dreamed to visit.”

When we asked Adam why he thinks people should support Hosparus, he simply said, “It’s a needed component to the community. Having comfort and relief for patients and families is just what people need in that stage of their lives. Hosparus Health is there for you in the times that some of your closest friends and family can’t be.”

Donors like Adam Coop show that there is more to helping a mission than just offering monetary support. By providing your time with volunteering, or talent with what you create, we can continue enhancing the quality of life for those impacted by a serious illness in a variety of holistic methods.

We want to thank Adam Coop for his donation of beautiful photography! If you are interested in obtaining Adam’s art you can contact him on LinkedIn or by phone, (502)-387-5017, or email, His company is also available to help you with financial planning, which is an important aspect of advance care planning and planned giving.

We also would like to thank James Lutes and the entire Iris Pro Imaging team for printing the pieces and donating some costs in good will.

*Adam Coop also donated items to our new Resource Center, located in the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA in West Louisville.

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