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Hosparus Health Events

Find all the support, training,
and compassion you need.

⚠ Due to the COVID-19 virus, grief counseling groups are either held virtually via telehealth or in-person with guidelines until further notice. Please view our grief counseling schedule below, or call 502-456-5451.

  • We invite all families with children ages 5-18 to our annual Family Picnic & Field Day! What: Enjoy good company,…
    • Lunch & Learn: Grief and Depressive Symptoms in the wake of DSM-V-TR Changes

    • Hosparus Health Jasper
    Continuing education for Mental Health Professionals Where: Wednesday, July 27th 11:30am to 12:30pm Hosparus Health 225 W 41st St Suite…
    • Camp Evergreen

    Join us for a special weekend where traditional camp meets important grief work for bereaved families with children (ages 6…

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