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Special Disease Management Programs

Heart Connection Program

At Hosparus Health, our mission is to improve our patient’s quality of life. As heart disease progresses, the impact can be overwhelming and can affect one’s quality of life. While advanced cardiac disease cannot be cured, symptoms of the disease can be managed if closely monitored. That’s where Hosparus Health comes in!

Hosparus Health’s Heart Connection® program provides hospice and palliative care to individuals with advanced cardiac disease by customizing a plan of care to fit the needs and goals of each patient. Care is provided wherever a patient calls home and in consultation with the patient’s Cardiologist.

Program Statistics:

  • Patients enrolled on average lived 3 times as long as those not enrolled.
  • Less than 2% of enrolled patients needed to return to the hospital.


Program Goals

• Reduce emergency department visits and hospital readmissions
• Manage advanced cardiac symptoms wherever the patient calls home
• Increase patient and family understanding of advanced cardiac disease treatment and prognosis
• Improve quality of life.



• Symptom management toolkit that includes: a symptom tracking journal, symptom identification tool, medication organizer and help with monitoring edema (swelling)
• 24-hour access by phone to nurses and physicians for questions and symptom management needs
• Optimized care to reduce or eliminate hospitalizations
• Customized plan of care in collaboration with the primary care physician to fit your goals
• Bereavement support
• In home monitoring of related labs
• Cardiac medications available in the home – Oral and IV, including diuretics and inotropes (for eligible patients).

Could you benefit from our Heart Connection® program?

• Have you been diagnosed with advanced heart disease?
• Do you have a history of cardiac arrest?
• Are you suffering from chronic chest pain or angina?
• Are your heart medications no longer managing your symptoms?
• Are you having increased shortness of breath (more than you are used to)?
• Have you had frequent hospitalizations?
• Do you have unexplained weight gain or loss?
• Do you have multiple chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, lung disease, kidney disease or dementia?
• Have you received treatment for cardiac disease in the past but are no longer a candidate for further medical treatment?

We’re here for you.

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, we may be able to help. While there may not be a cure for heart disease, Hosparus Health can help you manage your symptoms. To get started, speak to your doctor or specialist, call us at 800-264-0521, or click referral form below.

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