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These were the gifts I received from the extraordinary caregivers at Hosparus Health. I’m asking you today to make sure other families navigating serious illness also get the chance to experience these priceless gifts.

When I called hospice care for my mother, Miriam, in 2015, I felt like a huge burden had been lifted. She suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and later developed painful uterine cancer. When Hosparus came in, they were able to ease her symptoms and make her comfortable.

That was the first time in four years I let go of the stress and worry I had been carrying.

When her pain became too much to manage at home, and she was nearing the end of life, her care team suggested we admit her to the Hosparus Health Inpatient Care Center (HICC). As soon as we arrived, her wonderful doctor told me something I will never forget: “You can go back to being a daughter again.” It was true — I could relax and just be there for my mother. It was the best possible outcome.

Her nurses were also incredibly reassuring. They told me over and over: “You don’t have to do anything anymore. The stress is off of you. We’ll make sure she’s comfortable. She’s not in pain, and you can be here with her around the clock.” Their support meant the world to me. Everyone at the HICC was just as concerned about my needs as my mother’s. These angels on Earth went above and beyond for both of us.

When she died two days later, I was right there by her side. My mother had the most peaceful ending I could have hoped for, and that’s all thanks to the amazing caregivers at Hosparus Health.

Even during the challenges of the pandemic, their compassionate care has continued. These selfless men and women have made enormous sacrifices to make sure their patients and families continued to receive the very best care. They are the very heart of compassion.

I support Hosparus Health to show my gratitude for my mother’s care team, as well as all the caregivers who deliver hospice and palliative care on the frontlines.

I invite you to please join me in making a gift to celebrate the important work they do. Your donation will help make sure the gentle compassion and enduring support of Hosparus Health is there for you or your loved ones, should you ever need them.


Mary Anne Thornton

P.S. To learn more about all the important work Hosparus Health is doing in the community and how you can help, visit

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