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Glenda honoring a friend
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Glenda Cave gives to Hosparus Health Central Kentucky (HCK) for one simple reason: We were there for her when she and her loved ones needed us most, and she wants to ensure our compassionate services are available for other families in her community who are navigating serious illness.

When Glenda’s close friend, Sharon Routt, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2002 at the young age of 52, Sharon’s family called Hosparus so she could remain in her home. To help reduce the burden on her dad and daughter, Glenda became one of Sharon’s primary caregivers — staying with her six days a week. She says she doesn’t know what they would have done without Hosparus Health’s comfort and support.

“It took away a lot of the worry,” says Glenda. “Their compassion and care were wonderful. Whatever we needed, they gave it to us. A couple of times, we had to call at 11 o’clock at night. The nurse came from Brandenburg all the way to Upton to make sure we were taken care of.”

Cherishing Special Memories

Hosparus Health’s extra layer of support and expert pain management significantly enhanced Sharon’s comfort, and allowed her to make the most of the time she had left. “They got her pain under control and kept her comfortable,” Glenda says. “The quality of her life was so much better because Hosparus was there.”

Glenda adds she will always cherish the special moments the two friends were able to have to together, thanks to HCK’s care. “We made a lot of good memories together. We talked about old times. I would go and get her mail and read it to her. That was so nice.”

When Sharon passed away in February 2003, her care team was there for Glenda and her family, which alleviated a lot of their stress during a difficult time.

Leaving a Legacy

To honor Sharon’s memory, Glenda began making an annual gift to HCK. In addition, she made a donation to have the Family Room at Hosparus Health’s Elizabethtown office named in her honor. Then in 2019, Glenda joined the Autumn Leaf Society by including Hosparus in her will.

In the years following Sharon’s death, Hosparus cared for Glenda’s grandmother and aunt. Just like with Sharon, she says Hosparus Health’s support helped make their final chapters the best they could be.

“A lot of people don’t understand how valuable their compassion and care are,” she says. “If you don’t have insurance or can’t pay for services, Hosparus will still take care of you. They help no matter what your financial situation. That’s why I still give every year.”

Glenda encourages her friends and neighbors to donate what they can. If they are not in a position to make a cash donation, she directs them to the Hosparus Health Thrift Shoppe in Elizabethtown. Proceeds from the sales of gently used clothes and household items go directly to help patients and families. “I know where the money goes,” she says. “I trust them better than anybody else.”

She also encourages anyone dealing with a serious illness or chronic condition to consider our services. “If I know anyone who could use some help, I tell them to call. I try to be an advocate for Hosparus.”

Thank you, Glenda, for celebrating Sharon’s life through your generous support and for helping us to spread the word about our care! If you’d like to make a gift in memory of a loved one, please click here.

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