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When Sandra’s mother Mildred was diagnosed with dementia, she took on the responsibility of the caregiver. Her days became centered around making sure Mildred got the attention and care she needed.

Mildred was a hard worker before her dementia took over. She was very active, enjoyed playing bingo, attending church, and being independent. “She wanted to move into her own place instead of moving in with me. So, she lived independently for 3 years, but as time progressed it was better for her to move in with me.”

As her health and mental state began declining, Mildred’s caregiving became increasingly overwhelming for Sandra, “it was getting out of control,” she recalls. That’s when she was referred to Hosparus Health by Mildred’s doctor.

Initially, Sandra was a bit bothered by the idea of hospice because she knew the word hospice typically meant the ending was near. But as soon as the stress of taking care of her mother diminished, she knew she had made the right choice. “Hospice wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It was better. It made my life smoother.” Mildred was with Hosparus for 6 months, and during that time, Sandra says a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. “It was a breath of fresh air for me because I was doing it all.” The team of staff that came in relieved her of having to do hard tasks like give her mother a bath and always had answers to any question she had. “They were just a phone call away if I needed anything,” she says.

At one point, Mildred was experiencing trouble with her catheter, so Sandra had to call Hosparus in the middle of the night. A nurse came that night to switch it out and make sure that everything was okay. In addition to 24/7 support, Hosparus also provided spiritual care, pain and symptom management, and medication management. The medical team ensured that Mildred had everything she needed, and the volunteer team helped Sandra with tasks and errands.

Everyone on Mildred’s team made certain that both she and Sandra were taken care of. “My mother seemed very comfortable with them, everybody was just so nice, they were like family.”

Sandra says that calling Hosparus Health was ideal not only for her mother but for herself as well. She was able to enjoy moments with her mom without having to worry about being her caregiver at the same time. “I would definitely recommend this type of care to anyone experiencing what I did because they are like angels.”

If you are a caregiver considering Hosparus Health’s services like Sandra, call 800-HOSPICE today or contact us online to learn how we can help you.

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