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home at the end of life with dog

End-of-life care can come with many concerns and doubts, especially when you choose to stay home during that time. You may wonder if it’s the right choice, what will happen, and whether it’s worth it. While Hosparus Health cares for patients in any setting where they feel most comfortable, including assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. And there can be many benefits from choosing to stay at home.

Flexibility. Along with personalized care, staying home offers more flexible hours. In some facilities, there are set visiting hours when loved ones can come and visit. There aren’t designated visiting hours in your own home. This allows you to be surrounded by your loved ones at any time of day, not just during a small window of time. Hospice care is also on call 24 –hours a day and is flexible enough to work around the busy schedules of you and your family.

Familiarity. Staying in a hospital can feel unfamiliar. Staying in the familiar surroundings of your own home can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Peace. Care at home allows for a quieter environment. In other care settings, patients may experience distractions from people walking around and unfamiliar noises.

Hospice Inpatient Care

Staying home for end-of-life care may not be the best option for patients who need a higher level of care to manage pain. If a hospital stay is necessary. Hosparus Health’s inpatient unit is unique compared to other hospital settings because it provides skilled care in a home-like atmosphere that is comfortable both the patient and their family.

How We Can Help

If you have questions about how to manage care in the home, call us. We can help determine what is best for you on the end-of-life journey. Our hospice care team provides patients with the best care and support, wherever they call home. Call 800-HOSPICE or contact us online to learn more.

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