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We understand it can be easy to mix up the words “Hosparus” and “hospice” because of how similar they sound. But believe it or not, these words represent two separate things, and we want to explain the difference.

Hosparus Health is a not-for-profit organization started by volunteers that provides hospice and advanced illness care to tens of thousands of patients and their families in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We started out as “Hospice of Louisville,” but wanted to find a way to distinguish ourselves from other hospice care providers in the area, given that our services go beyond medical care. We also offer counseling, respite care, help with advance care planning and care coordination. Thus, the name Hosparus Health was created to encompass these other services.

So then, if Hosparus is the brand name, what is hospice?

Hospice is the primary type of care that Hosparus Health provides. Hospice focuses on a patient’s quality of life when there is no longer beneficial treatment for their illness. Hospice care is provided to patients to ensure that they are as pain-free as possible during their remaining time. Oftentimes people think of hospice as a service provided only to those who are older or have cancer, but it’s available for anyone at any age with a serious illness.

Hospice is typically provided wherever the patient calls home, such as their residence or a nursing facility. In some cases, it can also be provided in hospitals. A team of professionals comes together to meet the patient’s needs — physical, emotional, and spiritual. This team consists of nurses, social workers, volunteers, chaplains, CNAs, and physicians.

To put it simply: Hospice is a type of care, like oncology or cardiology. Hosparus Health is a brand name, such as Nike or Coca-Cola.

Hosparus Health’s hospice care team provides patients with the best care and support so that they can create meaningful moments with their families. Call us today at (800)-HOSPICE or contact us online to learn if you or your loved one would benefit from our services.

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