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When John Schneider was receiving hospice services from Hosparus Health, Buffy, the family dog, was there by his side. Buffy was there to welcome the unfamiliar faces of the Hosparus team as they entered the family’s home to support John and his wife, Betty.

Source of Comfort for All

Studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets is linked to many health benefits, including decreased blood pressure, feelings of loneliness, and symptoms of anxiety. For the Schneider family, having Buffy around was a soothing presence for John and a source of joy and emotional support for everyone during the challenging time. Betty shared it brought a smile to their faces to see members of the Hosparus team bring toys for Buffy and play with her while caring for John and supporting Betty with caretaking responsibilities.

A Faithful Companion

When John’s condition limited his mobility to his bed, Buffy remained steadfast by his side at her place on the floor. One day, Betty, her niece, and the Hosparus team saw John straining while
trying to pet Buffy and they had an idea. They knew how much it would mean for him to be able to have her close by, so they asked if he wanted Buffy beside him. He agreed and they creatively rearranged the furniture to help get the heavy dog onto the bed.

Carefully, Betty and the team coaxed Buffy onto a chair they positioned next to his bed. After she successfully climbed up the chair, the team was able to help guide Buffy safely next to John so the two could be reunited again.

More Moments That Matter to You

After John’s passing, Betty shared how this meaningful moment brought such joy for both John and Buffy and what a great deal it meant to the family to be able to provide the longtime companions with a final memory together.

Thank you, Betty, from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this special memory. It has been our honor to be part of your journey.

If you or a loved one is in need of our services, schedule a consultation today. The earlier you call, the more we can help you create more moments that matter to you.

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