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This week’s blog is part two in a series about what you can expect when engaging with Hosparus Health’s care. Click here to read Part 1.

When you or a family member decides to engage our services, the first step is a visit from one of our admissions nurses. After admission, you will then receive visits from each member of your team to customize a plan of care. One of the visits you can expect is from your Hosparus Health social worker. A social worker’s role is to listen, counsel, and connect families to support they need.

The Initial Visit with a Social Worker

The first visit with a Hosparus social worker will be about establishing trust and collaborating on how to best alleviate the stress of the illness for both the patient and family. Prior to a social worker visit, our admissions nurse collects extensive information about your condition, which our social worker reviews in detail before they visit.

Some of the information they review may include:

  • Where you or your loved one is in your disease progression
  • What social support is currently available to you, including who in the family network is acting as primary caregivers
  • If the current living situation is safe, and if basic needs are being met
  • If there is a living will, are the patient’s healthcare wishes known to the family and providers
  • If you have adequate financial resources
  • Whether you are living in the city or rural location, and what community resources are available nearby, such as transportation, housekeeping or non-medical caregiving services

When our social worker arrives, they spend most of that time observing the surroundings and getting to know you. No two conversations are alike; the social worker takes their cues from the patient and family, asking only the questions that are relevant to the situation.

How a Social Worker Can Help

One of the first questions a Hosparus Health social worker might ask is about the stressors you are experiencing — what is causing you the most anxiety right now? That could be anything from issues with health insurance coverage, to repairing broken relationships with family members, to planning the care of the patient’s pets.

During the visit they help identify your most pressing needs and navigate resources you might not even know are available. For example, the social worker might help you pinpoint sources of anxiety and recommend nonmedical ways to get relief, like deep breathing techniques, Reiki or essential oils. If safety and mobility are concerns, they may connect you with medical equipment vendors that install items like a stair lift or a grab bar in the shower.

Do not be afraid to ask questions during the visit. Hosparus Health social workers will find ways to empower you during the initial visit, and for as long as you are in our care. Just like the rest of our care team, social workers are here to support you throughout your journey.

If you or a loved one could benefit from our care, please call us at 800-264-0521.

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