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You asked. We answered.

    • Can I volunteer for work other than patient care?

    • Volunteer

    Yes, we need volunteers throughout the organization. This can range from keeping files up to date, to helping with an event or fundraiser, to speaking to community groups about Hosparus Health services.

    • What do volunteers mean to Hosparus Health?

    • Volunteer

    Hosparus Health would not be the successful organization it is today without volunteers. A group of dedicated volunteers founded Hospice of Louisville in 1978. Volunteers remain a vital part of Hosparus Health’s mission to this day, helping to provide compassionate care and improve quality of life for anyone facing serious illness. In the past 2 years, Hosparus Health volunteers have donated more than 100,000 hours of service to support our patients and families.

  • We kindly ask our volunteers to commit to a minimum of 24 hours of service per year. This amounts to only 2 hours per month.

    • What kind of training will I receive?

    • Volunteer

    New Hosparus Health volunteers participate in classroom and self-study training relevant to their responsibilities. Training provides information regarding specific volunteer roles, communication skills, emotional and spiritual aspects of death and Hosparus Health’s team approach to hospice and palliative care.

    • What type of environment will I be working in?

    • Volunteer

    Volunteers choose the environment they prefer – a private home, nursing or assisted living facility, Hosparus Health Inpatient Care Center, office or event venue.

    • Will I ever be expected to be present when a patient dies?

    • Volunteer

    It is not an expectation or requirement to be present when a patient dies. The only exception would be for volunteers who serve in the 11th Hour program, providing vigil services.

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