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  • We all grapple with life’s existential questions: Does my life have meaning? How do I resolve old wounds and repair…
  • The ability to savor life’s victories and sweet moments is a sign of a healthy, high-functioning and happy person. People…
    • Give Me Patience, But Please Hurry

    • Spiritual
    Not a day goes by, and usually not even an hour, when we don’t face the considerable challenge of waiting…
    • Meditation & Reflection – Waking up reflection and song

    • Meditation & Reflection – Off to the Beach

    • Meditation & Reflection: 3 readings

    • Meditation & Reflection: Manifesto the Mad Farmer Liberation Front

    • Meditation & Reflection: Serenity & Mindfulness

    • Meditation & Reflection – A passage from “Braiding Sweetgrass”

    • Meditation & Reflection- Self Compassion Meditation

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