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  • Family Honors Late Father by Providing Nursing Scholarships

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At just 34 years old, Brad Ruch is already creating a legacy because of his generosity.

Over the last eight years, The Ruch Foundation has donated $68,000 to Hosparus Health for scholarships. Because of The Ruch Foundation, 18 nursing scholarships have been awarded to Hosparus Health, allowing them to go back to school and complete their four-year degrees.

“The majority of the people we have helped are still with Hosparus Health, some of whom have even moved into management roles,” Brad says, proudly. “That makes me feel like we’re making a real difference.”

In 2009, Brad and his mom, Mary, launched The Ruch Foundation to honor the legacy of his late father by raising money for cancer research. James F. “Jimmy” Ruch had died from an aggressive form of lung cancer. But when a friend suggested they could make an impact by supporting Hosparus Health, Brad was eager to hear more. He admits he did not really think about the effect end-of-life care had on his family until then.

Jimmy Ruch went into the hospital after his battle with cancer took a turn for the worse in September 2008 and passed away just 14 days later. During those final days, he received comfort care and was surrounded by those he loved.

“Looking back on it, it was huge for Mom and me to be with him, and for his friends to be able to visit,” Brad says. “We didn’t realize how important [end-of-life care] was until later.”

In 2012, Brad decided to begin directing his fundraising efforts toward education, focusing on nursing scholarships. Talking with the nurses he’s helped over the years has only strengthened his commitment to Hosparus Health, he says.

“It’s great to hear how much it is really impacting their lives, and helping them to better themselves and grow within the company,” Brad says.

The Ruch Foundation raises money for Hosparus Health through its re-imagined version of the Taco Open, a golf event his dad used to play in at Louisville Country Club when Brad was a kid. The Ruch Foundation revived it in 2009 as a fundraiser. It has grown from about 50 participants in its first year to 200 attendees in 2019. In addition to $10,000 in scholarships awarded annually, The Ruch Foundation has donated additional proceeds from the event toward our services and other needs.

“Hosparus Health has been a great partner,” says Brad. “We are 100% committed to this relationship, and I hope that we continue to grow the amount we’re able to give.”

We’re so grateful for generous partners like the Ruch Foundation! We need their support more than ever. We hope you’ll join them to make sure Hosparus Health continues to be the premier provider of expert hospice and palliative care in Kentucky and Indiana. To make a gift, click here. Every dollar counts!

*This story was originally published Feb. 19, 2020.

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